Here's some of the handy tools & apps I use to deliver my freelance virtual assistant services.


Click on the tool icon at the top of each tool or app to be re-directed to the applicable website or download page.

file and document sharing


DropBox is an easy and convenient way to share documents, images, files and more!

calendar, email and password sharing

Google G-Suite

Streamline all your emails, passwords and more with Google G-Suite, making it really easy to share access to emails, calendars and more.

beautiful design


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows me to create logos, social media graphics, advertisements, posters and other visual content. Digital printing is also an included service.

video conferencing


Zoom catch-ups will be scheduled regularly and this tool makes every virtual meeting a great one!

time recording


This app easily tracks and records the time spent on your tasks for invoicing purposes.

digital document signing


HelloSign is a DropBox extension that allows me to electronically request and add legally binding signatures to any document.

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